Customized LED Neon

Neon Fonts

Step 1: Identifying the Neon color of choice


As our Neon LED comes in different colors, it will be best to know what colors you are looking to design with!
Depending on the event that you are customizing your Neon LED for, here are some suggestions!

Weddings – Red, Orange, Warm, Hot Pink
Baby Showers – Hot Pink, Warm, Blue, White
Events – Feel free to mix and match!

Other factors to consider when it comes to choosing the colors would also be where the sign is going to be installed or displayed at.

For example; White LED Neon lights comes of strong and is able to bring the attention to your guests! However, if the background is a plain white wall and it’s a Photo Booth, white will come off too bright on cameras and the design will be hidden and normalised by the white wall at the back!

Step 2: Choosing the font

Cursive fonts are the go to font when it comes to selection of font for many of our clients. As important as we will try our best to customize it to look exactly like your designs, there will be a 10% +/- industry standard for customizing of LED Neon lights!

Let us show you why!

Firstly this is how our material looks like!

Material for making LED Neon

After cutting and bending!

After bending

Notice that the material is bendable but the edges are still rounded?

This brings us back to choosing of fonts! Certain fonts are sharp at the edges and our materials are rounded at the edges, hence it will definitely looks a little different after the entire design is done but the entire feel of the font will still be there! We would just like you to take note of it as highlighted with the pictures above!

Step 3: Choose the acrylic backing color

Acrylic Backing

We have a range of acrylic colors to choose from! Our advise will always be to take a clear acrylic to be safe unless your LED Neon color is the same as the background. In that scenario, we will strongly advise to choose a contrasted backing color to make your LED Neon stand out!