Neon LED Lights

What are the LED made of?

Our new generation Neon LED lights are covered with an external layer of rubber, in short known as NeonFlex. NeonFlex are safer to handle as they do not heat up to high temperatures, soft surfaced, and low in voltage. Unlike traditional glass neon lights, the new generation NeonFlex is difficult to break, does not need an external surface to protect the lights and last longer! (Approximately 50,000 hours).

Our Neon LED lights comes with a acrylic backing to hold the NeonFlex in place and acts as a backing for the wiring to stay on to a fixed position. The shape of the acrylic can be customized to your preferred shape or can be a simple circle, square or rectangle.

Can we use the LED lights both indoor & outdoor?

By default, our Neon LED lights are made for indoor use only. However, if you require your sign to be permanently outdoor, we are able to waterproof the Neon LED lights for you, therefore please let us know in advance if the items is going outdoor so that during the production process we can make a special note to our staff to take note of the water proofing!

Does your LED signs comes with cable or wiring?

A standard CE certified 220v power cord and transformer is supplied for all rentals, purchases and customized designs. The power head will come with a 3 pin plug for local use. For overseas customer, please let us know in advance so that we can change the power head for your convenience.

How are the LED signs or logos made?

One bit by one bit, hand made. To cut the process short, we will first take the acrylic backing that you have chosen and put in through a cutting machine. The cutting machine will cut into the acrylic surface thinly to form the design that you are doing, with that, our production team will know how to position the lights and connect the wirings together to form your design! We do use a special type of glue that binds acrylic and NeonFlex material together, hence some glue-ing spots can be seen on the finished products near the acrylic & NeonFlex joining area. Do not worry because once you turn on the lights, only the Neon LED light can be seen!